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e-Assessment Question



The e-Assessment Question
2003 to 2012 and on

‘Using  ICT   to  measure  skills,  understanding  and  knowledge

Annual Conference and Exhibition

2003 Programme


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This event was a great opportunity to review the current state of development of Computer Based Testing and Assessment in the UK.

Through a series of presentations and workshops, delegates were able to evaluate and analyse the issues involved in implementing or running e-testing programmes within educational institutions, training providers and the workplace.

The programme had been designed as two one-day events – delegates could book for one or both days. Day one concentrated on formative assessment, whilst day two focused on summative assessment. Both days addressed the underlying issues and the future of this important and rapidly developing use of education technology


for details of the programme on Thursday 27th Feb 2003


for details of the programme on Friday 28th Feb 2003

The first day of the conference was aimed at senior curriculum, HR and training managers in schools, colleges, and training providers. Interest was focussed on the practical aspects of delivering computer based formative assessment and its integration in to the learning/training programme. The audience for the second day was more focussed on the use of CBT&A as part of high stakes qualifications and concentrated on the development, delivery and use of fit for purpose summative assessments, and the ability to deliver secure, inclusive examinations.

Question Two

Which of the following can best be described as
‘providing feedback to candidates and teachers/tutors on progress within a course of study

adaptive testing

formative testing

summative testing

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